Mentors bring their life experiences and professionalism to help equip our young men ranging from ages, 7-11, 12-17, and 18-25. Mentorship plays a vital role in helping mentees work through the transitions - mentors know first-hand the experience of the challenges of entering into adulthood, and offer them support and guidance to help them engage in life. Mentors are a positive role model for these young men and will be able to show them that change is possible, and leadership is part of who you were destined to be.


The Mentorship Program matches mentors from Element 26 with young men in a one-to-one mentorship relationship. Through these relationships, as well as recreational and group activities, our matches share friendship, support, and fun.


Mentors and mentees get together at least once a week. Both mentors and mentees make a commitment to spend time together throughout the year. They can participate in activities that they both enjoy. The mentors are not private tutors, although sometimes pairs decide to work on homework together.


We plan social group activities on a weekly/monthly basis that is open to all participants. We are also available at all times to answer questions, offer support and help matches work through challenges that may arise.

Recruitment of Mentors and Mentees

Mentors complete a written application, including two references. They then participate in a one-on-one interview with a Steering Committee Member, at which time they learn about the program in detail, and we get to know them and their background. After completing the interview process, the mentor must attend a training session. Mentees also complete a written application, which includes a parent/guardian consent form. We ask that parents attend an orientation held each month for new mentors and mentees, this is an opportunity to receive more information about the program and our guidelines.


The Steering Committee matches mentors and mentees based on shared interests, personality, and, if it is important to the mentee, cultural background. Unfortunately, we are not always able to match everyone who applies. This happens for many reasons, but the most common are that we simply do not have equal numbers of mentors and mentees.


If a student is not matched, please understand that it is not because he/she is "unsuitable" for the program. They will be placed on our waiting list or assigned to our President Dr. Willie J. Montague, and as soon as an opportunity arises for them to be involved, we will contact them. If a student is matched, their mentor will contact them by phone to let them know and will host a special activity at Mentorship Program designated location where they will be introduced to their mentor.

After the Young Men are Matched

After students are matched, they will meet with their mentor at least once a week for 2-3 hours. They can meet at school, at home or the other designated locations assigned by the Mentorship Program Coordinator. Parent consent must be given for all activities matches participate in. As the mentors are volunteers, it is important that the mentee and the mentor are both respectful of the other’s time.


Group Activities

We host social activities about once a month. These activities give us a chance to get together and have fun! Activities may include A’s Games, field trips to the museums, parties, movies, Ice- Skating, B-B-Q's, and more. Along with program-wide activities, our Steering Committee members coordinate other events throughout the year for smaller groups of pairs. This is to encourage a sense of community within in our program and creates a chance for our participants to get to know each other better. We really want to hear from mentees about what they would like to do.


For more information, please download our House of Timothy Mentorship Program Guide which includes program details as well as the program application and questionnaire. 


You may contact the Directors and Steering Committee at 407-906-GROW or by completing the Contact Form on this site. We happily welcome feedback!